Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Hair transplant is a procedure that can be performed by many people who experience hair loss. Hair loss is a problem that can be seen in both genders, more intensely in men. There may be many reasons for hair loss and depending on these reasons, there will be situations such as the hair coming back or not coming back at all. Another alternative for people with hair loss is hair transplant. With hair transplant, hair follicles taken from the person are placed on the person's head. In this way, the hair transplantation process is completed.

Of course, there are many special procedures, but this will be the simplest explanation. With hair transplant, baldness in the hair is eliminated and the desired hair appearance can be achieved. Hair transplantation is both a natural method and a procedure known for giving permanent results to a great extent. It is possible to call hair transplant a surgical operation.
However, this operation is quite short and its effect ends faster. Therefore, you do not need to worry about hair transplant procedures. The most important stage of this process is the selection of a suitable clinic. You can contact us for hair transplant clinic selection and have a preliminary session with our experts. In this way, your ideas will be clarified and we will be able to start the hair transplantation process.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is also known as surgical hair operation. Because it is done with regional anesthesia method and therefore it will be within the scope of a surgical operation. Hair transplant clinic procedure is a method used by people who do not have enough or no hair on the scalp. This process, which emerged with the equipment of technology, actually contains many natural elements. The reason for this is the use of the person’s own hair follicles.
Microsurgical methods are preferred and hair transplantation is more professional. The aim of this service is to have the most natural head and hair appearance. In this way, the operation will have a positive result. It should also be permanent. Since hair transplant is permanent, many people can continue to use their hair for many years.


The procedures in our clinic are carried out using the FUE, FUE SAPPHIRE, and DHI methods

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Our clinic performs hair transplantation procedures using the latest technology methods.

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Our expert team in Turkey comprises experienced professionals in their respective fields.

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Our expert health consultants are available to assist you with any questions you may have before and after the procedure.

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We provide a ‘Warranty Certificate’ service in all of our branches after hair transplantation procedures, demonstrating our confidence in the procedures we perform.

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What are the Types of Hair Transplants?

Your investment in hair transplantation will return to you as permanent and natural results.

You can find the most suitable method for you with hair transplant types. In order to have a hair transplant, you first need to know which types it has. These techniques have gained momentum as of 1990 and are developing in a short time. You can see each of these techniques in hair transplant Turkey.
– One of the Hair transplant techniques is the FUT technique. This technique is the oldest known Hair transplant technique. Today, it is no longer used as much as it used to be and can only be done optionally. In this procedure, the skin layer is also used and the healing process is longer.
– Fue technique is the most intensively used technique. In this technique, hair follicles are collected one by one. Then they are kept in a special solution and placed on the desired head parts on the desired day. There is no scar after this operation and you can recover quickly. It is also known as Sapphire Hair transplant.
– Manual Punch technique is related to Fue technique. Punch is the name of the tool that collects hair follicles. This technique is a less advanced version of the Fue technique. Today, the Micromotor technique is widely used.
DHI hair transplant technique is one of the newest methods. It can be used together with the Fue technique and in this way we can achieve better results. However, there is a difference. This difference is that there is a special pen in this new technique. This pen both opens the channels and transplants the hair. In this way, the hair transplant process is completed in a shorter time.
– With the robotic method, all procedures are done by computer. Technically, it is no different from the Fue method. However, a more precise result is obtained.

How is Hair Transplant Done in İstanbul?

Hair transplant procedure varies according to many techniques. Therefore, choosing a hair transplant clinic is important for this stage. The clinic can choose different techniques and it is also important which technique is suitable for you. Hair transplant is generally the process of removing hair follicles. Hair follicles are removed individually or as a tissue and then these hair follicles are placed in the desired spot. Depending on the type of procedure, there will be more painful or less painful examples.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the hair transplant procedure is whether this procedure will be painful. Hair transplant procedure can be painful depending on the person and the procedure. However, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. In this way, the procedure can be completed in a much shorter time and you can feel comfortable during the procedure. Because local anesthesia technique is applied. Hair transplant procedure may be painful after the procedure. In this case, you should take the precautions recommended by your doctor.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Hair Transplant?

Before having a hair transplant, you should do all the procedures recommended by your doctor. Do not use antiaggregant before the hair transplant procedure. At the same time, you should stop consuming alcohol, herbal tea and caffeine. You can discuss this process in detail with your doctor. After the hair transplant, you should use creams regularly.
Creams should be products recommended by your doctor. However, you should not swim for a while. It is not recommended to enter the sauna, pool, sweat and sunbathe. All these reduce the risks to be experienced after the hair transplant clinic procedure. During this period, you should not go out in the sun and it is important to protect your scalp. You can rest at home for a few days and this will be enough. Afterwards, you can come to regular control sessions. You can start this process immediately by coming to our hair transplant Istanbul address. You can also see the hair transplant before and after samples.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Hair transplant cost vary and are related to many factors. You can come to our address to get price information for the hair transplant procedure. In this way, we make a preliminary session and provide price information. Before the hair transplant procedure, it is learned how many hair follicles are required. In addition, we make hair design and give you the hair form you want. We perform many such procedures in our clinic.

Hair Transplant Techniques