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    We provide patient-centered, high-quality service.

    With 17 years of corporate experience..

    Established in 2007 with its expert staff, Vatanmed Clinic provides services in the fields of hair, beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation operations without sacrificing quality.


    To gain an international place in hair transplantation and as a world brand, to offer the maximum number of grafts to its patients at the most affordable price.


    In all matters related to hair, including hair care operations; To serve without compromising ethical principles by presenting with a human-oriented international quality approach.


    At Vatanmed Clinic, hi-tech methods in hair transplantation and treatments are applied.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    We provide services with the latest system and technology methods accepted all over the world.

    We follow the latest technology in hair transplantation; and choose the most suitable method for you between FUE, DHI, and SAPPHIRE

    FUE Method
    Sapphire Method
    DHI Method
    elif inaç
    "Every physician is obliged to comply with the universal medical ethical principles of usefulness, non-harm, justice and autonomy."
    DR. Elif İnaçClinic Doctor

    Our treatments

    We use cutting edge technology for our operations..
    FUE Hair Transplantation

    It is a method in which hair follicles are taken one by one with special-tipped micro motors under local anesthesia and placed in balding areas, taking into account the natural hair growth angle and direction..
    Hair Transplantation in the Vertex (Peak Area)

    Vertex hair transplantation, which has a special importance in hair transplantation, means peak area hair transplantation.

    Sapphire Hair Transplant

    It is a method that offers comfort and convenience to patients. It is possible to gain a more frequent and natural appearance in this process, which is done with a sapphire edge.
    Hair Lazer

    Hair laser treatment is a quality hair care option that supports a healthier flow of blood to weakened hair follicles.
    Hair Transplantation in Women

    Women can also have hair transplantation, but the issue to be considered here is the types of shedding.
    DHI Hair Transplant

    The DHI method, called unshaved hair Implantation, is a method of transplantation without damaging existing hair and without opening channels.
    Prosthetic Hair

    Prosthetic hair is a non-surgical procedure applied to patients whose hair is thin or completely shed.

    Kirpik Ekimi
    Eyelash Transplantation

    Eyelashes are an important element that protects our eyes from dust particles.