Dr. Elif İnaç

Medicine and Medical Aesthetics

Vatanmed Clinic provides services for all hair-related matters, including hair care operations.

Dr. Elif İnaç successfully completed her medical education at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, which she started in 2006, and quickly established herself in the medical world. After graduating in 2012, she began working in the field of emergency medicine and completed her mandatory service in Düzce. Following her experience in the emergency department, Dr. İnaç turned to medical aesthetics and complementary medicine, expanding her expertise through various training programs. In 2018, she completed training in mesotherapy and ozone therapy at the Ministry of Health University, and began her training in phytotherapy the same year. She further deepened her medical knowledge with functional medicine training, which she started in 2019.

Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Medical Aesthetics at Camerino University. Dr. İnaç continued her professional career as a responsible manager and has undertaken significant work in the fields of medical aesthetics and complementary medicine. Her extensive experience and training in various specialties have earned her a respected position in the medical world.

With an approach open to continuous improvement and innovation, Dr. İnaç aims to provide the best treatments to her patients. She currently serves as the responsible manager at Vatanmed.


Saç ekiminde uluslararası bir yer edinip dünya markası olarak, hastalarına maksimum greft sayısını en uygun fiyata sunmak.


Saç bakımı operasyonları da dâhil saçla ilgili her konuda; insan odaklı uluslararası kalite anlayışı ile sunarak, etik ilkelerden ödün vermeden hizmet etmek.


Vatanmed Klinik’te saç ekimi ve tedavileri alanındaki son teknoloji yöntemler uygulanmaktadır.

Why Us?

We are an organization that adopts a contemporary, corporate business approach and provides quality and affordable health services to the society with our qualified expert staff, adhering to patient rights and values.

Vatanmed Clinic aims to be a solution partner for its patients in health. In this direction, it is aimed that people who receive service from us can go to any branch of Vatanmed Clinic and access all the health services they need. Established in 2007 with its expert staff, Vatanmed Clinic provides services in the fields of hair, beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation operations without sacrificing quality.

Vatanmed Clinic has served more than 50,000 people from many countries of the world since its establishment.

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"Every physician is obliged to comply with the universal medical ethical principles of usefulness, non-harm, justice and autonomy."
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