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We analyze the hair structure before hair transplantation. We determine and draw the areas with problem during this operation. Then we determine the area that we will take the hair follicles. This area is not affected by testosteron and called as “donor area”.

We put the hair follicles that are collected from this area into special liquids. (FUE method) After that we create channels for hair follicles and we add the hair follicles that we have collected into the channels.

  • Follicles are collected from breast, nape, lower beard or the undesired parts of beard. These follicles are add to the desired area of beard. It is possible to leave no trace if the operation is being performed with 0.6-0.7 mm punches.

  • Mustache transplantation is the operation of transferring hair follicles to upper lip. Hair follicles are collected from nape (same as baldness). Operation is being performed with 0,6 mm punches with FUE method.

  • There are a lot of area that we can collect hair follicles for eyebrow transplantation. But the most preferred area is nape. Operation is being performed after local anesthesia with help of a micromotor. Varying from 300 to 1000 greft can be enough for each eyebrow.

  • Lasers spread light with a certain wavelength. Melanin pigments in hair follicles absorb light energy and convert it to heat. That heat burns follicles. After operation, burnt follicles can never grow up again. Laser light is observed only by melanin pigments. Therefore the other body cells are not affected.

  • We provide services of face care: Peeling, masking, getting rid of black points, facial moisturizing and sunlight protection.

  • We strengthen the skin by PRP operation. First we take 10 cc of blood. Then we separate the blood to its components by centrifugal separation. After applying a special operation. we inject the blood to the skin. This operation causes a regeneration on the body.

  • Sapphire blades do not lose it sharpness. Sapphire blades are better than steel blades. Because the steel blades lose their sharpness as they are used. There is no skin harm in sapphire blades. Sapphire blades leave more smooth surface.

  • We inform you about whole process by giving detailed information before you come our center. You are going to know everything about like operation process, meal time and taking medicines. We welcome you form airport by our VIP car with a translator in your native language and we bring you to our hotel to rest and enjoy. You will always stay connected until the operation finishes.

  • With the support of interpreters in every language, we do not experience any communication problems in your operation.