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VatanMed is a company that provides service in the fields of cosmetic operation and hair transplantation operations for head, beard, mustache and eyebrow. Our company was established in 2007. We have 12 branches worldwide and our main branch is in Istanbul. VatanMed provided service more than 40.000 people since it was established.


VatanMed is an organization that is acting with the awareness of legal responsibility. VatanMed cares about doctor, hospital and medical staff. We are doing our operations with high level of comfort in sterilized hospital. Customer happiness is top level because our operations are stingless and painless.

Hair transplantation is an art that combines health and aesthetics. For performing this art, VatanMed has a structure that meets the needs of people who are suffering from hair loss problem. VatanMed provides service of everything about the hair including all hair care operation. We have people-oriented price policy to provide customer happiness.


Our Hospital started to provide service in December 2014 with 29 adult emergency beds, 32 newborns’ Beds and 1 emergency care bed.

Our professional staff serves focusing on customers’ comfort, ensuring the services quality; in addition to our equipped operations’ rooms with the latest technology devices, projectors, our laboratories, and our modern techniques; we have been offering operations and diagnoses according to the level of technology.